Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science

is proud to exclusively offer an eight part series by 

Dr. Raymond Charles Barker


"Spiritual Principles To Live By"

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In this fabulous 4 cd or 4 tape series on the "Spiritual Principles To Live By", Dr. Raymond Charles Barker says of the Joy of Well-Being, "If you don't have it, you should have it and you can have it providing you produce it for yourself."  He explains very simply how to accomplish this and so much more in this series. 

The Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science has exclusive rights to this series and we are privileged to be able to offer for purchase this rare collection. 

"Spiritual Principles To Live By"

                              Tape 1
                         Stop Indecision
                         The Now Reality of Mind

                         Tape 2
                         Spiritual Insurance
                         Individual Completeness

Tape 3
Be Not Disturbed
Individual Peace

Tape 4
The Power That Heals
The Joy Of Well-being


Dr. Raymond Charles Barker - "Spiritual Principles To Live By"

8 Talks on 4 Tapes or 4 CD's
4 Tapes for $25.00 or 4 CD's for $39.00




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